Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gladiola - the sewing machine not the flower..

I hope DH doesnt' read this. Or my Mum or sisters rofl. I sort of bid on and won a Gladiola treadle sewing machine at auction.
I have just a "few" machines already including a working Singer treadle machine. When I saw this one come up at a local auction and so cheap, I put a bid in. And won it at my maximum bid of $6.00. Yes, six dollars.
It's not looking too pretty and I have no idea if it works. I get to pick it up on Tuesday. I'll have more pics by then, but here is the auction house pic:
I'll see if I can get her working and all polished up and put back together as much as possible and then one or other of my treadles will have to go.

There may even be a giveaway (for locals only).


  1. $6 You let the husband know about the $6 bargain purchases...and hide the more expensive ones!

  2. Great buy!! that will come up beautifully with a little work - fabulous

  3. Oh she is BEAUTIFUL!! Even if she doesn't work she will look ever so pretty.
    FAB buy!!

  4. Wow! What a fabulous buy. I hope she works well for you. Ya gotta love 'em. I'd do exactly the same thing.

  5. Geoff Cartridge (Woodside)5 February 2014 at 12:55

    Hello. Congratulations on your purchase at $6. A bargain. But...I can trump you! I bought mine for $0.99. Yes 99 cents! In addition from the same seller a Singer 99k electric in top condition for $16. That makes 21 sewing machines and what I am going to do with them I do not know! The Gladiola apparently was bought in 1962 in Waymouth st Adelaide for 48 pounds 2/-6d. It has an "Art Deco" front. It was owned by a "High class" seamstress on Unley rd Adelaide for many years. Apart from many minor dents and scratches on the cabinet and pin marks it is in exc cond. It is a beauty!

  6. Geoff Cartridge (Woodside)5 February 2014 at 13:01

    Gladiola: Further to my previous post: I thought that Gladiola was made at Lithgow after WWII and it was. But the connection to Gladiola Co in Waymouth st was via a cash register receipt found with the machine. Here is some more info:-
    " By 1925, the Gladiola Company opened showrooms in Rundle Street, Adelaide; Henley Beach Road, Torrensville; and Commercial Road, Port Adelaide. In addition to phonographs, the showrooms also sold records, pianos, player pianos, and a short time later their own brand Radios and Sewing Machines all manufactured in the Waymouth Street, factory.
    Gladiola was still in business after 1969.