Friday, 2 October 2009

Costumes and Bluebirds

I love making costumes. It's like playing dress-ups vicariously. Early next term the drama club at our local primary school is performing Peter Pan. My DD is playing the part of Wendy.
I do tend to procrastinate a bit ( understatement haha) and was planning to get stuck into getting costumes made over the 2 week school holidays. Tuesday I got a phonecall to say there woudl be photos taken for the newspaper at Thursdays practice and none of the main characters costumes were ready. Or started. Or supplies bought.
What a shame, I had to go do some Op Shopping. I settled on a small woollen double breasted coat for Captain Hook and found an Sri Lankan tunic in brown that could be dressed up for an Indian princess. Luckily it is close to Christmas so there was cheap gold ribbon to be used for braid on the coat. So here is one of my own pics and 3 of the not quite finished costumes. Wendys ribbon needs to have loops to hold it in place, Peters tee still has fluff on the sleeve from where I ripped off the white shoulder trim on an old tee. I am sure I will get better pics in a couple of weeks when the play is on. I wish you could see their faces. Their expressions were just perfect!

so today, after the pressure, I took some time off and made this little bluebird brooch for my etsy shop:


  1. Well done under pressure Helen. And isn't nice to reward yourself with some you love doing?

  2. Oh that brooch is divine. The costumes look fab too. How well do you perform under pressure?!!!!

  3. great job on the costumes - nothing like a bit of pressure to get you on the move!