Wednesday, 7 October 2009

The pressure, the pressure! Teddy Bears and Potty talk.

Not only should I be posting every day for Blogtoberfest, but now it needs to be so splendiferous and funky cool amazing that I can be included in Punky and Me's Best of the Fest competition to win fabulous prizes!
Not gonna happen today :(

Today's highlight? Hmm, let me see, I think it was Miss2 (who trotted in sometime after midnight to re-acquaint me with her cold tootsies). She is toilet training, and very successfully with minimal input from me. Day 4 and she has figured out how to empty her own potty (shudder). I have been cheering all her successful deposits with great enthusiasm, driven by the thought of a nappy-less household - for only the second time since her 23yo brother was in nappies. "What a clever girl, look at that little brown pooh bear!" I said yesterday (ok I'm still blaming sleep deprivation). Today, she very proudly showed me her "teddy bear" LOL! And again with a second deposit. So now we wave bye bye to teddy as he takes the plunge and heads out to sea (eventually).

So that was the highlight... pretty much. Bet you can't wait for tomorrows installment. :D

I thought I better give you something to look at. So here it is - the potty, (minus contents, never mind the wetness, that's just Pine-o-clean - or is it?) One very ordinary bright red plastic potty from BigW. Cost me maybe $6? Used for 3 kids so far. Does the job.

Now that reminds me. My MIL has a little sign hanging on her toilet door with a little boy sitting on an old-fashioned pot with a handle. My eldest son would always ask to use the toilet with the little boy on the potty (she had 2 toilets). Under the little boy was written "The job isn't finished until the paperwork is done". hahaha

Check out these pics! I'm glad those yellow things aren't wheels like I thought they might be when I first saw it. though my boys would have loved it if they were. Imagine the fallout in a collision! Perhaps the paper on the back is so you can follow the trail a bit like Hansel and Gretel. Maybe it should have been rainbow coloured so you can find a pot of Gold at the end of it.
But seriously, just because they can use a potty doesn't mean they should have free access to a continuous roll of paper! (That reminds me, I need to buy some Draino.)
This is from an Israeli design exhibition Apparently it is a "Charming, toy-looking and comfortable potty, combining toilet paper and thus making parents‘ lives easier."

I don't know about you, but I spent most of the last 12 months trying to convince Miss2yo not to play in the toilet and it isn't a toy and now I realise I was wrong. Or at least according to Fisher Price. Apparently they ARE fun and they ARE toys. DUH!

While looking at scintillating pics of pottys I found this one. It even has a name I mean a REAL name. Meet Peter. Peter Potty. The urinal. I found this one at Potty Training Products. (yes, there are stores out there built solely around selling potty products and I bet their pottys aren't 6 bucks either.) Apparently some boys don't know how to point and squirt while standing. Fair enough, but do they need a big expensive piece of plastic only faintly resembling a one style of urinal they may or may not come across in their lifetime?...

Enough of the potty talk... unless you WANT to keep talking pottys. What else have you seen?


  1. you are funny helen - I hate TT and those stupid toy toilets do my head in! Our houses are full of enough crap aren't they?

    P.S.) You are doing well with your blogging commitment!

  2. Well, my 4 year old boy certainly can't point and squirt while standing! "pooh bear"? Ah, the rods we create for our own backs...

  3. Cherri, yes, I have to admit I once succumbed to buying the plastic potty that played a little tune when you tinkled. It had sensors in the bottom. Of course it stopped working and fell apart. But I'm back to basics now.
    Tas, Really? My boys seem to be able to point and squirt at anything when the fancy takes them. I've caught them out more than once in the back yard. Of course aiming with accuracy can't be guaranteed. :( Though I've heard a ping pong ball in the bowl gives them something to aim for and won't flush unless.. well, I'll let you figure that one out. ;)I'll bet the boys at the treatment plant wonder why their filters keep getting clogged with pink pong balls.