Thursday, 15 October 2009

Very superstitious giveaway #2 update

Thanks to everyone entering the giveaway, it's nice to see the line up!

Here is surprise #1 to be found inside the Keyka Lou wristlet:

So who is worried when a black cat crosses their path? Well you shouldn't be. Many people believe they bring good luck. I believe you make your own luck. But sometimes it's fun to play along with a little harmless superstition. A bit like fairy tales for big people :D

Here is one kitty on the prowl. Black leather applique on a thick gold woollen felt background.

This is the first one I made, my own design. It has some little issues but it is still fun. It has a gold tone brooch back on the reverse side and is machine stitched around the edge with hand stitched highlight around the cat..

If you would like to win this kitty along with the wristlet, don't forget to comment HERE.

On the prowl. Meow!

What do cat's say in other languages?

Spanish: miau ("mee-ah-ooh")
Estonian: Nau
Japanese: Nyaa
Ukranian: Myau.

Another look at the Garden Party Wristlet


  1. Ooh if their good luck then maybe I need one! The mushroom fabric is just too cute and adorable. I love it made up into a wristlet. What a great giveaway