Saturday, 10 October 2009

Oppy finds!

Blogtoberfest post #9 missed by 5 mins! I reckon it's not Saturday yet cos I haven't gone to bed and it's still Friday in the US! I'll keep it simple today.

DS13 was excited as it was his first Church youth dance tonight. You have to be 14yo - 18yo to attend. His birthday is early next week so he got permission to go. He was hounding me yesterday to go clothes shopping. So today we hit the local Oppy. Not quite what he had in mind but when I refused to go to the big Westfield shopping centre he knew my soft spot. He is getting pretty good at this. I go one direction, he heads for the menswear. He shows me his selection, I choose from that, he tries it on and he gets what he wants. Today he was happy he found half-priced ticketed items too. He was happy and so was I.

My finds were 2 lace doilies for .50c both - one has some stains, I can wash/soak them out.
The large square was $2. I am thinking maybe a little dress apron for that one.


I found a lovely red anodised double flour sifter for baking. Beccy is going to try her hand at sponge baking sometime soon so it will come in handy.

The blue box is nifty as it has press studs in the corners and folds flat. I am thinking of making fabric boxes similar for gifts and such. It is a pretty colour though faded and I need something a bit nicer for my sewing room shelves.

I love the beautiful blue enamel teapot. It was the first thing I saw in the front display when we walked in the door. I'm not sure whether to keep that myself or sell it in my etsy store. Did I mention I opened another one to sell vintage bits and pieces? There 's nothing in there yet but it is called Mixed Lollies. It would look nice on my shelves which have a mixture of vintage crafty things and old kitchenalia.
The fabric behind is a Dick and Jane print which I forgot to show yesterday. It also came from Tricia's. I was lucky to find an odd bolt with just over a metre on it.


  1. I love that sifter...and the teapot...and the doilies...and...and...
    I hope that DS had a great time.

  2. ooh, what I wouldn't give for that sifter! I can still see my Mum's old sifter with the very 70's bright orange flowers. Lovely teapot too.

  3. Nice finds!! I love the teapot and sifter, very cool!


    I am so jealous it HURTS!!

  5. It was quite expensive at $9.99 lol I'm usually much more of a cheapskate to pay that much for anything at the Opshop.
    Seeing as there is interest in it, I'll add some more pics later.

  6. I love doilies at the moment!! I love the large one you found! What crafty thing will you use the small round ones for, or just for their intended purpose? I have a box full and no ideas :(

  7. I have a bit of a collection myself and asked a similar question on my blog here:
    There are some answers and links to ideas in the comments.

    I like where I have seen them plonked onto skirts and dresses and things but I haven't tried it myself as yet. I think I am nervous of my plonking skills.

    I have anidea that I want to try very soon whihc will be clothing based. I first started collecting them with a doily crazy quilt in mind but seeing as how I don't actually DO quilting it's not surprising it hasnt' happened. Some of my favourites are the embroidered linen ones. Maybe sometime this month I'll do a show and tell of my favourites. Must make a note of that for when I hit a dry spell :)

  8. OOh thanks for the link! There are some great ideas!!!

  9. I forgot to add a link to some pictures of 1 I cut up and attached to 2 dresses.