Thursday, 21 January 2010

Homemade Butter

I came to have 3 large pots of cream in the fridge from the last few weeks. One was dated a week ago, (still sealed and tasted fine) so I decided to make butter. It was only generic Black and Gold with whatever additives and gelatines but it did say it was 35% milk fat. I used my hand mixer and it didn't take too long to separate. At that stage, I googled to see what else to do. This link promising homemade butter in 5 mins sounded good.  I was pretty confident of curdling the butter, having done it unintentionally more than a few times lol. The draining and rinsing parts were pretty straight forward.  The kids were all impressed and had sandwiches with homemade butter and homemade apricot jam.

I just wish I had home baked bread to go with it. I am definitely going to make more. I will try and pick up cream when it is reduced in the supermarket. The cheapest double cream i could get would work out much more expensive than the price of butter. Being able to use the generics is good. I usually buy generic butter for baking anyway. I didn't add salt as I only had coarse cooking salt.

Here is what is left. There would have been around 300g of butter originally. Having 6 teenagers and 7 assorted aged children (visiting cousins) in the house makes everything disappear fast.  It is soft as it is rather warm today. I am about to make a roux for cheese sauce with this. (Ham and cheese macaroni with veg for tea tonight.) If I don't get a move on, there will be none left, there is a little girl with licky fingers who has acquired a taste for sweet creamy butter.
If you haven't tried this before, I recommend giving it a go.
As soon as I get eggs, Beccy is making waffles with the buttermilk. I found some good info about making cultured butter and real cultured buttermilk so they are on my agenda to give them a go.
Cultured Butter

I still need to work on my blog but didn't want to neglect posting while procrastinating the re-construction.


  1. Wow This is cool reminds me of when I was a kid and my grandmother mixed margarine and butter together Marg in those days was not like today Kinda like fairy margarine and she used the same process as making butter from scratch To make the butter go further

  2. Wow Helen, this is really, really great... I would never even THINK about making my own butter, but you have me thinking now...! Thank you!

  3. Helen thats so clever - I have read about this before and should give it a go!

  4. YOur butter looks ace. I have tried it before but mine doesn't look that yellow- and it goes rancid quickly, mustn't have got all the butter milk out.

  5. I have made it with the kids at school!! I put a couple of marbles in a jar with the cream (Make sure it has a good lid!!) and pass it around the circle, 50 shakes a person. It doesn't take long to turn to butter.

  6. Very impressed. I'm not a butter fan personally but i bet it would be fantastic in cooking. My children love real butter, from their daddy. I can imagine it not lasting very long with all your wonderful children. Love Posie

  7. that's one thing we cannot get cheap cream.....wish we could.....

    Gill in Canada