Thursday, 22 October 2009

Giveaway #3 Guess what? Thursday's clue

REMEMBER the correct animal HAS NOT been mentioned in your previous day's guesses so make sure your guess counts by checking previous posts and comments.

I'm pretty pleased that I've managed to avoid giving away the game too easily, I hope it has been fun. I don't know how more obtuse I can be and not give the answer away.

The clues so far are, it is an animal, has 4 legs, native to Africa.

Today's clue is:
There are millions living wild in Australia as well as those which are domesticated. They are also found in just about every country around the world, if not all.

I think that is a pretty big clue... I'm excited, I think today is the day! (or is it just easy cos I know the answer?)

 ETA just thought I'd say that a quote from an Australian Government website said "It is estimated that there are millions". So strictly speaking, there may be less than or more than a million of these animals. I was quite amazed to think of it.
ETA2 Just to clarify, when I say in every country, I don't necessarily mean they are wild in every country or are in the numbers they are found here.


  1. I'm just abck from feeding our pet camel tee, hee. Camel brooch?

  2. eta OK so most countries in the world don't have a camel population lol.

  3. Well, they probably do have camels everywhere, not necessarily millions of them, though some countries might and I'm not saying you are wrong or right BTW...(evil chuckle)

  4. I was going to say a wild dog but I dont think they are all around the world are they. Brooch was my other pick for the craft too.

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  6. It's got to have something to do with camels! I'll say camel pj's.

  7. Camel camel! Camel hairclips :D

  8. No, wait a minute it can't be a camel. They aren't all over the world. I'll change mine to a rabbit and my guess is a rabbit brooch.

  9. My guess is a Donkey Softie

    Fun game Helen! Certainly got me using my foggy brain!


  10. Cane toad brooch ;)

    Seriously I'm going to guess rabbit softie.

  11. Ok, I think it would have to be a Rabbit and just to say something different I am going to say hairclips