Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Giveaway #3 Guess what? Tuesday's clue

It would have been a bit of a fizzer so far as the game is concerned if someone guessed it first try don't you think? Don't forget that ultimately, you will need to guess the animal and it's craft representation.
None of the guesses were correct  but that is helpful because now you have a whole bunch of animals to cross off the list of possibilities :)

Today's clue is, it has 4 legs.

I have a feeling that someone is going to guess this in no time! I'm going to have to make the next one a whole lot harder!

ETA someone who I met recently while crafting didn't want to mention what she had seen me with. I guess this is another clue, but no, no-one but my family have seen this. And in case any of my family read this, you can't enter! (teehee I'm feeling a bit like rumplestiltskin) . I'll update each morning so if perchance you guessed correctly, just check the next day. I'm not saying if anyone has or hasn't until then ;)


  1. Ok, going out on a limb... a Reindeer Calendar?

  2. I'm also kinda glad that no one guessed it. Removes all the tension and build up. I'm going to guess a brooch as the method of representation. The animal...elephant?

  3. Hahaha this is great!!

    I'm gonna go the obvious and say dog!

  4. Okay I am going to guess bird brooch.

  5. a dress made with horse fabric.

  6. Mmm, crocodile hairclips? :)