Sunday, 18 October 2009

Giveaway #2 "Superstition" winner is.........

Congratulations Kelly! coming your way will be the Garden Party wristlet, cat brooch, rainbow clip and one or two more suprises. Pretty lucky hey? I hope you enjoy your prizes.

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments and for playing along.

Don't forget tomorrow will bring a new giveaway in a brand new game format. I will give a clue a day until next Sunday. The first person to guess what it is, wins the prize! You will need to put your thinking caps on. There will be written and visual clues. If no-one has guessed by Sunday the clues will be given all day and get more obvious until someone wins. I hope you have fun along the way. I really like it. I have made 2 so far and I think you or someone you love will really like it too :)


  1. Congrats Kelly.
    Right I'm getting my brain into gear- leaving the coffee machine on 24/7 so that I can think straight.

  2. Congrats Kelly, lucky you!
    Lordy Helen! Sounds like a challenge- I'm up :D

  3. Me? Really Me? YAY!! Thanks so much Helen!!! I feel extremely lucky!