Monday, 12 October 2009

Etsy love list #1 Fall in love..

So there I was, all ready to make my first Etsy Treasury, instructions read, fingers poised, refreshing constantly, only to find 200+ people got in before me! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I had the time in my calendar sending me countdown messages so I didn't forget I was so determined to make one. I can laugh now :)
Oh well. I can make my own right here!

This one has obvious Autumn tonings.

I started with something cute for the kids and one of Minskis cute button chokers.

This fleece is such a gorgeous blend or warm colour. I would love to felt it as is.

Speaking of felting, this one is spectacular with it's textures and colours.

You know I have a soft spot for barkcloth. These colours remind me of curtains I grew up with.

Mmmm so rich and velvety. Carpet bags remind me of being curled up reading childhood stories where the heroine always turns up destitute on a distant relatives doorstep with a few scant possessions contained in a carpet bag.

And you can't get much more romantic than a long flowing cape to billow and swirl as the heroine stand perilously on a clifftop looking out over a stormy sea.

I think I'll give up on catching an Etsy treasury. I've got a guaranteed spot right here. I know the owner.... ;)

A good way to keep the Blogtoberfest ball rolling too!


  1. lol Helen I remember in my 1st heady etsy days trying to get a treasury up. Needless to say I never got there. But I do want that barkcloth!

  2. Love your treasury Helen! :)

  3. Mmm, I love autumn colours too :)