Saturday, 31 October 2009

Putting words into action. Doily denim skirt.

I am not all that enamoured of the entire Paula Prass, Summer Soiree range. I do however, absolutely LOVE this print containing doilies of course! I made skirts for my market stall with co-ordinating spots. It is called Nosegay.

And here is some rare footage of myself in a recently op-shopped denim skirt. It was down to my ankles, so I took 4 or 5" off the bottom. I left the edge raw and used strong top stitching thread to sew around the edge to stop it fraying too much. Finally I added a pretty and finely patterned doily in ecru tones. I'm quite happy with it. The skirt is comfy and a little unique. A bit like me ;) I had more pinned on initially but decided that a little goes a long way. Total cost, $6.49.

So finally I have actually USED one of my many doilies. I raided the op-shop for doilies the other day and came home with another 40 so it was definitely time to put them to use. There's still another 100 or so there!

I am adding regularly to the giveaway pile!


  1. That is gorgeous Helen. That one doily is just right. Though I am going to have to do some snooping to find out where this new little op shop is!

  2. Love the skirt that you refashioned for yourself!

    The one for your stall is stunning!

    Great work!

  3. That skirt is so perfect now! I love it, It looks gorgeous, and looks like it suits you perfectly!

  4. Oh, wonderful Helen, on both skirts. That looks great on you :)

  5. Wonderful wonderful! Love the girly skirt and yours is stunning! Gotta love op shops!