Monday, 26 October 2009

Life ...

is what happens to you, when you're busy making other plans, sings John Lennon.

Yes, I'd agree with that one.

Today started with a simple plan, did some tidying and washing before going to collect BIL to take him to hospital. On the way out, DS tells me he had his Japanese oral exam in 45mins in the city, so rush to take BIL, thank goodness he was almost ready to go and I rushed him into the car.. Then he spent the 5min trip telling DS how hard it was for him to remember anything in exams, aaargh! I said no negative stuff please, only positive, he has memory issues already!!! lol
  So, just about at his school, he says the exam isnt' at school , and hands me a sheet with a map on it to read while trying to drive. Luckily it's not too far, hang a U-turn, with 5mins until he is supposed to be there Arrrgh!! THEN

The hospital has called home, and DS Luke calls and says they missed the fracture in Jordan's foot yesterday and he needs to go get it plastered. (After he has been limping around on it since Friday.) So I had to drop him off to limp into exam so I could find a park. Did the exam OK-ish, then off to the hospital.
Leave him at emergency while I run another urgent errand. I get back and he is still in emergency in a "cubicle".

Some patients are now lined up in chairs around the ward and consulted with in virtual public. I thought it was weird the other week when Ben saw the doctor in the Paed waiting room (hand fracture) and Jordan in a chair in the hallway on the weekend. But this time, he had a patient sitting either side and one was also consulting another doctor. Meanwhile DD Pearl reaches under my chair and picks up a cotton ball with blood on it! Then later, toilet paper from under another chair! Ergh! LUcky I had hand sanitiser with me, I went through half a bottle of the stuff while we were there. Is this some third world country clinic?
Jordan now has a half leg plaster.

DH and I went out this evening for our 24th wedding anniversary. We had dinner at a cafe and saw Surrogates at the cinema.

Sorry, tomorrow I will get the giveaway up and apologies for cross posting elsewhere.

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  1. I don't know why it has taken me so long to follow your blog Helen! Happy Anniversary! Kat xx