Saturday, 28 April 2012

Bohemian Carpetbagger

That's what I am, now that I have finally made a carpet bag of my very own. And I say finally as I have had this bag planned and cut out for months. A friend of mine, Tas, over at Little Boozle, spurred me on to get mine made after making a gorgeous bag of her own.
This is one very spacious bag! Perfect for my overnight visits to see my precious granddaughter or for cramming treasures while garage sale-ing. I added a couple of internal pockets and omitted the key fob.
The fabric is a gorgeous patterned velvet gleaned from a vintage maxi skirt and the pin whale cord from my stash. The lining is from the classic and versatile Ginger Blossom range. One of my favorite co-ordinates.
I'm a big fan of this pattern with its handy tubular frame, making fossicking in its depths much easier.
When I showed my eldest daughter, her first words were, "can you make me one?" Lucky I have another frame!
This is the Bohemian Carpetbag by Sew Liberated.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Cool Whisper of Autumn

Just A Moment in time this week with Jody is about the changing season with a challenge to capture the weather. Today, considering it is ANZAC Day is surprisingly fine (at the moment). Here are a few quick shots of what is happening around my place:

The grape vine leaves are turning crimson..
Children are snuggling together in their warm jammies..
The garden is growing lush and green from the rain (I prefer weeds to dry brown earth)...
The bird bath is full all the time and the birds are merrily chirping in the frosty morning air...
Pumpkins awaiting a roasting then a soupy fate.

 Warm woolly blankets, freshly felted (hoorah! they actually felted, not all blankets will), awaiting a snuggly crafty fate!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Tussling trunks and Strawberry Froth.

The 15th is coming up fast. That's when these special items will be up for sale at Gossamer Dreams! sizes 2, 4 and 6. Don't forget to bookmark the page and get in fast, there will a lot of fabulous creations from a large variety of WAHMs.
 I like to use vintage things when crafting. These comfy TDK undies are made with some gorgeous Euro knits, all brand new, but the ruffles are gathered using my vintage Singer treadle machine. The old gal is tarted up with what looks like a feather boa over her neck!
These two baby elephant twins are having a little trunk tussle. Made from new fabrics, but from a vintage pattern.
More sneak peeks yet to come!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

How do you hide an elephant in a rose garden?

It's easy when your elephant looks like this! I wish you could smell this Double Delight bloom. Mmmmm

Remember the story of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant? He has a friend called Rose who is a pretty shade of pink.Elmer and his friends learn to value being unique. This little elephant is unique alright and could be yours!
Now what is Rosie looking for on my messy book shelf? A bookworm perhaps?
You can see Rosie face to face on the 15th of April at Gossamer Dreams. This month I am a guest WAHM and with a bookworm theme, it is right up my alley! Gossamer Dreams is a special boutique that is open only one day, on the 15th of each. month for a special one of a kind sale. Each month has a new exciting theme.
Between now and then I will be sharing a few sneak peeks of what I will have for sale, including Rosie. Keep track of other guests and regulars at the Gossamer Dreams facebook page.

This has come at a wonderful time, just as I am about to open a new Stitcharooney online store.
That's why my blog has been a little quiet lately. Well, that's my excuse ;)