Wednesday, 25 April 2012

A Cool Whisper of Autumn

Just A Moment in time this week with Jody is about the changing season with a challenge to capture the weather. Today, considering it is ANZAC Day is surprisingly fine (at the moment). Here are a few quick shots of what is happening around my place:

The grape vine leaves are turning crimson..
Children are snuggling together in their warm jammies..
The garden is growing lush and green from the rain (I prefer weeds to dry brown earth)...
The bird bath is full all the time and the birds are merrily chirping in the frosty morning air...
Pumpkins awaiting a roasting then a soupy fate.

 Warm woolly blankets, freshly felted (hoorah! they actually felted, not all blankets will), awaiting a snuggly crafty fate!


  1. Beautiful images of the changes at your place Helen.

    Ove r here in the West we started another lovely ANZAC Day with a Dawn Service & have similar looking weather to yours, fresh with crisp clear skies. Some of the family are snuggled back in their Pjs and unlike your sensible Pumpkin Soup, Lemon Meringue Pie is on the menu.

    Look forward to seeing what you create with those blankets.

    Thanks for joining in this week Helen. x

    1. Lemon meringue pie sounds every bit as good! There will be ANZAC biscuits and gluten free shortbread baking here shortly too. I'm still in my flanny PJs and will stay this way as long as I can. That's what public holidays are all about!

  2. Lovely pics of the changing season.......just love my pjs, have been known to do the gardening in them.
    I'm interested to see what you create with the blankets too!

  3. Great photos, I love jarmie days too,
    Have a good week

  4. Lovely photos of the things that happen as the season changes. I've got the flannelette sheets on the bed but haven't found my winter PJ's yet.