Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blogtoberfest! - Daylight Savings in south Australia - Cheapskates gift giving!

I'm joining in with the blogtoberfest, hosted by tinniegirl. the challenge to blog everyday in October. I wonder just how interesting will this blog be if I do that? Is my life that interesting? Well, with 10 kids there is always something going on. Getting it onto the net is the challenging part.

Don't forget! South Australia started daylight savings today so wind your clocks forward an hour. Yes, you just lost an hour of sleep. Now who told Pearl is was daylight savings? She normally wakes at around 6am, today, 5am. Uhuh.
I should be in church already but the teens are dragging their heels. Verrrry grumpy. One tried the old, "I think I'm sick" routine, "I feel cold", so out came the thermometer. Sorry buddy, you feel cold because it IS cold and with a body temp of under 35 it's no wonder you ARE cold. lol

Later today I will share what I got in my barkcloth swap. I was pleased as punch but had to laugh when I pulled it out of the bag. You'll see why..

Also, I will get the freebie brooch made. Yes, ANOTHER giveaway. Do you ever get sick of these blatant marketing/publicity stunts? Well seeing as no-ones buying anything, I would be happy at this stage just for someone to WANT one and think it's pretty. It would be good for a gift, with Christmas fast approaching.

I wonder if it's possible to do my Christmas shopping through blog giveaways? The ultimate cheapskates guide to christmas shopping. I think I might do a shopping list of giveaways for the purpose hahaha or should I say hohoho!

In fact I think I will get the ball rolling with a giveaway every week until Christmas! It falls on a Friday this year so the last draw will be the week before Christmas on the 18th. Each giveaway will be announced on the Sunday and drawn a week later.

Meanwhile dear teen is preening his hair... Oh well, I guess we will be rolling up with all those that forgot daylight savings. At least DH got there early. Did I mention I sent him with the 4 youngest ROFL! hehehe I hope they are having a good time ;)

I hear footsteps..... he's ready! and I'm off.. see you later!

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