Sunday, 4 October 2009

Where's my mojo?

3 brooch attempts later I am still not happy with what I have done for the giveaway. So I will try again tomorrow. Hopefully I will wake refreshed and inspired!
If I manage a good one, I might show the rejects. I can't believe I made 6 good ones in a row without trouble earlier this week and today, when I actually have committed to something and need to make it, I can't do it. Do you ever have moments like this?


  1. Ah, Helen. I think that you are being too tough on yourself. But yes, it is amazing how perfect the pav for Sunday night family dinner is but when you need to make it for a party, then it darn well wont work lol.

  2. Murphy's Law fits in here somewhere doesn't it? I'm sure you'll awake much more refreshed and creative.

  3. Um... all the time?! That seems to be the universe I live in!

    You'll get there thought - you have much more sewjo than I in the first place!