Saturday, 17 October 2009

Another feteful day!

My family loves fete season! Especially little old church fetes. Stalls of jams and pickles, homebaked cakes and bikkies, clippings struck from local gardens, white elephant stalls with real treasures where even the "trash" is vintage. Bargains galore, little treasures and piles of vintagey goodness. I only had $20 to spend but came away with a swag of goodies.

Stacks of doilies, a vintage tablecloth and a set of retro placemats and tablerunner.

Two pretty pillowcases and a big ole jar containing polished rocks. Just what I have been wanting. REALLY. I wanted some nice rocks to use as pattern weights when sewing and these are perfect. They appear to be tumbled agates and such. Not that I am an expert, but they are pretty. Do you know what they are?Besides rocks that is.

Two blankets, one wool to be dyed and one nicely felted 100% mohair knee rug. Now I don't have to feel guilty about felting a good one.

A classic book of fairy tales with 1955 inscribed inside the cover. It has some great old stories, without all the good bits whitewashed out of them and lovely pictures and colourplates.

This plate is my favourite.

I will read the kids some of these tales tomorrow.

And one last item kindly modeled by my DD, a vintage Carla Zampatti 70s dress.

I thought I would add this outfit from the 1950s. It is a beautiful soft wool knit short sleeve dress and jacket. It was half price at the Oppy. It has a gorgeous leaf pattern in crimson red and autumn tones. It is obviously too large for DD, probably around a sz14 or 16 ladies.


  1. what a wonderful lot of loot you were lucky enough to find...and such a bargain!

  2. p.s. the rocks are pretty, but sorry don't know what they are either.

  3. What a haul!! I LOVE that fairytale book!

  4. Wow you did so well with $20!!!!

    I have tagged you here on my blog ( - have fun!

  5. Awesome score! Love the Carla!