Tuesday, 20 October 2009

The roses that bloom in the spring tra-la!

Are blooming in my garden!

I have been waiting for these beauties to bloom and today is the day. Their perfume is just amazing. this rose is called Double Delight. excuse my hand, the blooms are on a standard bush and have their faces to the sun. These are the first of hopefully many waiting to bloom.

Speaking of blooming, have you ever played one of those pointless games that suck you in so much that you spend hours playing just one more round and even have dreams about it at night? If you like a real time waster, try Blooming Gardens. Could it be more annoying and addictive than Solitaire? You were warned!

Games at - Bloomin' Gardens
Bloomin' Gardens

Put your green fingers to the test.

Play this free game now!!


  1. Gorgeous blooms! And I am absolutely not going to click on that link!!!

  2. Double delight is also my fave! I love how they change colours in the sun.... and smell so good mmm