Sunday, 4 October 2009

Barkcloth swap results

Here is the barkcloth curtain I gave to swap:

And here is the one I received in return:

When I unwrapped the parcel, DH and the kids said, "that's the same but in a different colour." As you can see, it isn't actually. There are quite a few differences, however they are similar in style and subject matter and the idea was to get something in a different colourway so I was really pleased with my swap. I hope the recipient of mine was happy too.


  1. Oh yes I was VERY happy!! The blue is gorgeous & I made a bag straight away! I am so glad you were happy with the swap :)

  2. Oh, a lovely swap. I now have some barkcloth that I scored this week, wouldn't you know? Bag, skirt...oooh, decisions!