Thursday, 8 October 2009

Look what I found today! And exciting SA fabric news!

Today I went to the supermarket for bread and cat food, as you do. Lucky for me, Tricia's Discount Fabrics is right behind where I like to shop. I was looking for something sparkly to liven up Tinkerbell's costume for the school play. I didn't find what I was looking for but I saw these gorgeous bolts of fabric on the main counter. It turned out to be "Have a Sheri Berry Holiday" Christmas range by Sheri Berry and I just LOVE the colours and I just had to buy some of this deer print. There were lots of different prints in the range. Check out Sheri Berrys blog or Northcotts to see more.

And the news for SA locals is..... Tricia's is moving! Not too far, across to the Eastern side of South Rd in Price St. The move will happen over Christmas and New Years with the new much larger warehouse opening around January 2nd.
But that's not all! There will also be a workshop area for classes and sew-togethers for quilters and to learn dress-making. And ALSO Tricia is getting back to her roots with a larger and more extensive range of dressmaking fabrics and notions.
I'm excited! How about you?
If you live in Adelaide and haven't discovered Tricias yet, I recommend a visit. She is currently behind Castle Plaza at Edwardstown. (McDonalds and Spotlight across the road, yes it's all just too convenient at just 5 mins from my home).


  1. Cool, I am fairly new to Adelaide and I need a good fabric shop, better than Spotlight and not as far away at Hetties - I am southside. Will be sure to go and check it out! Thanks

  2. Must get there one of these days! Preferably child-free...

  3. I am going to ask if we will be able to have our Crafty Mamas sewing get-togethers there ;)