Saturday, 10 October 2009

Tinkerbell and co and a Good Curry?

Here is DS6 wearing what looks like PJs. That's cos they ARE PJs. They are actually for Wendy's little brother John in the School play Peter Pan. After the play, they will be Jeri's PJs. He loves them, the rib knit is so soft. He didn't want to take them off. There are little robots all over. I used an Ottobre pattern from Winter 4/2004, pattern 41 for the long johns and Ottobre creative workshop tee for the top. I tried to cheat and just do a coverstitched neckline but I think I will have to add ribbing as it made it a bit wide.

Spot Pearl in the background? On the old pew next to her is a length of rope. I caught my 13yo and his cousin out the front with that rope, my sewing chair which is on castors and a bmx bike. Any ideas what they were planning? Humph! I was not impressed. Lucky I caught them.

Sarah is wearing the Tinkerbell costume, minus wings. The sleeves will probably end up layered and fringed like the waist.

I am up to my elbows in mock suede to make tunics and things for the Indians. I have to say that I am a bit worried. All this hoohaa over the Hey Hey show has me stressing about Indian costumes and makeup. Just what is acceptable?

I had a flyer dropped into the letterbox weeks ago for Rana's Tandoori Indian restaurant and tonight decided it was time to give it a go. I ordered a mixed tandoori entree, fried paneer pakora, lamb rogan josh, saffron rice, garlic and kashmiri naan.
(Excuse our teacups filled with canadian muscat juice lol)

You know the problem with finding a REALLY GOOD restaurant. You are bound for disappointment when everything else you try just doesn't measure up.

The mint and cucumber raita was so sweet and soooo GREEN! The rice was so YELLOW and tasted yellow. By that I mean, it had no flavour. The tandoori entree was sooo red! I usually try to avoid artificial colours so I was wondering what on earth my stomach was going to do with this colour overload. Flavour-wise, some things were OK. I'm not convinced I wouldn't get better out of a jar. The naan were rubbery. I sound pretty harsh about it all, but it was edible and nice not to have to cook.

And the Indian restaurant to which all others are compared? Beyond India, O'Connell St, North Adelaide, South Australia. There is nothing I can fault there. The service is always so friendly and helpful. The curries freshly ground and so fragrant. Perfect blends. The paneer (my fave) is made in house and so nutty and sweet and creamy, I love it! Their meat dishes are delectable and the vegetarian dishes are no second best, they are every bit as good as any of the meat dishes. So many different flavours. Not a generic curry flavour anywhere. If you love a good curry, then you MUST visit, unless of course you don't want to ruin your palate for anything else.

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  1. The pj's and Tinkerbell costume look great. We have much loved pjs out of that robot fabric. They are Will's fave.