Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Giveaway #3 Guess what? Wednesday's clue

ETA.. PLEASE NOTE that NONE of the animals previously mentioned are correct, only ONE of the methods mentioned. So don't mention elephants, giraffes, crocodile, cat, dog, reindeer, bird, owl, kitty, horse, hippo, echidna, hedgehog, frog, kangaroo or butterfly etc. because they still aren't correct. :)

Did I mention I feel like Rumplestiltskin? (insert evil chuckle) Sorry,but none of those guesses were COMPLETELY correct. If I was a meanie, I wouldn't say whether it was the animal or method which was correct. But I'm not real mean, just a little bit. Two people got the method correct :) That narrows that side down considerably.

So we all get to play another day. The clue for Wednesday is...

I am native to Africa! Is that too easy? 

Let's see what you come up with!
If this is your first guess, don't forget to read the wrong answers on the previous days so you don't double up and waste a guess.


  1. Hmmm maybe a giraffe softie or should I have said elephant softie, one of those.

  2. Is it a lion softie? Great idea for a giveaway too, this is fun!

  3. So it is between, Brooch, Hairclips or softie??? Hmm, I'm going to take a stab and say Softie and my animal pick for today is going to be....Meercat?

  4. Hmm I will guess at zebra & softie??

  5. Oh I think somehow I should know this because I think that the crafty person you met recently might be Becci (or Tas or me but you had already met us). So I think it might involve some of our conversations from my brain is mush and I'm trying my hardest to remember.

    Back in a minute with my guess!

  6. OK cause I have absolutely no idea, I'm going for a pure guess

    A hyena brooch