Friday, 16 October 2009

A chilly Spring day highlights

Today was alternately clear skies then cloudy, rainy, windy and then sunny again. A bit like Melbourne ;) I am excited that my rose bushes are looking healthy with lush new growth and lots of flower buds.
 I hope to get some nice shots when these open. I wish you could smell them, they are absolutely divine, smelling like fresh apples and turkish delight. This one is called Double Delight.

It's not my green thumb though, it's my parents. Mum and Dad have taken pity on my poor neglected garden and given it a bit of a spring makeover. It is still a work very much in progress. Wild wattle trees took over everywhere and many plants suffered and died over the Summer drought.

 Today my Mum also dropped off an old doll pattern book which had belonged to my Nanna. I was really happy receive it and to make up some of the patterns which she had made for us when we were kids. I might start with this rag doll. Sorry the pics are so bad, my camera is terrible at night pics.

 This evening was chilly and it called for something warm and tasty for tea. I used to make the old faux quiche years ago but not lately. I was reminded of it while visiting Mummy Makes blog where she posted her Mum's recipe. Here is our dinner, cooling. It was delicious and even 6yo Jeri wanted seconds despite having lots of extra onions.

My big boys enjoy fishing and despite the cold wind and drizzle set off to Glenelg jetty for a few hours. They arrived home with just one catch.

A big blue swimmer crab who took a dip in a bubbling pot.


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