Friday, 8 January 2010

What I'm up to..

There is a thread on Crafty Mamas forum asking how many garments you sew in a year. I have no real idea. I thought it would be interesting to keep tabs on my productivity this year. It will also be motivating in those times when you feel like you are getting nowhere to be able to see what has been achieved.
I decided to add a section for recycled sewing and also cooking from scratch for more accountability there too. I might also add things like what I am reading.
All of this is to help me see my progress in my desired self improvement for the year.

I just bought 10kg of tomatoes for saucing!

Also 2kg of apricots for jam. It doens't look like much but I do have a jumbo sized colander. Bought from Gaganis Brothers. They have all sorts of jumbo sized cooking, pickling, catering, BBQing, pasta making supplies as well as wholesale food products. Very handy for big families. Love that place, I'll take some pics for a guided tour one day.

Hopefully there will be pics of the finished product later :) It is very hot today, but that's how it should be. My memories of jam making are all on stinking hot days. the smell of hot jam boiling on the stove is the smell of Summer!


  1. Teach me your apricot jam recipe? We share a very healthy one with our neighbour, but I am the only one who eats them-Yum!

  2. Mmmm, making home made jam! But being from Tassie, I grew up with raspberry jam too! You don't see much of that over here in Adelaide.