Monday, 9 November 2009

Giveaway, Oh Giveaway! #6 Moda laceup cards

Here is the perfect gift for a budding sewist. What more could you want in a gift. It is quiet, needs no batteries, no preservatives, teaches basic life skills, has cute animals, vintage styling, teaches fine motor skills, co-ordination and patience! Imagine what it could teach your child lol.

It comes complete with some yarn and two plastic needles but is not suitable for a child under 3yo.

For those overseas that might like to participate, I can't guarantee that you will receive this in time for Christmas but you are welcome to comment.

To enter, leave a comment and if you like, share your favourite vintage toy or game from your childhood. The draw will be made next Sunday evening after 8pm as usual.

Good Luck!


  1. I haven't seen one of those in years. I didn't realize they still sold them, interesting.

    I don't have a game or a toy that I remember, but I do still have my doll from when I was little.

    You don't have to enter me into the draw, I just wanted to comment.

    Gill in Canada

  2. They are gorgeous. My favourite thing was my dad's old tin robot. It had a key and wound up, and would make noise and flash it's lights. We were never actually allowed to touch it though - only dad would do that. Pretty sure he still has it, must ask and see if can show the grandkids :)

  3. They are just so precious! My favourite vintage toy...well...not quite vintage yet, but soon... was a Raggedy Ann doll that I made when I was 15. I still have her in my folks' attic. She will appear in a couple of years when my DDs won't trash her. She'll be vintage then. Love her!

  4. veyr very sweet!
    I have very fond memorys of playing with grandads green army men as a child :) he had HEAPS! and me and my cousins would have endless hours of fun with them.

  5. Oooh they would be so cute for Matilda's stocking!

    I have 2 faves . . hungry hippos and also kerplunk!

  6. Wow my Thomas would love those! My favorite vintage toy is a dolls pram my MIL gave to Emily on her 1st birthday it is a bit rickety but it's gorgeous!!

  7. They are so cute Helen :)
    I just can't resist these vintage toys.
    Knitting Nancy was a fav of mine and my paper dolls. Me and my sister started making our own and wow did we make a lot!!!

  8. oh they are so lovely! my son would love them :)

    My favourite vintage thing from childhood wasn't a toy or game. It was my Milly Molly Mandy book. Gee I loved that book. I used to read and re-read it even into my teens. The little illustrations were so beautiful, and I so wanted to live in her little village. I still wonder what happened to that book. Would love to get my hands on another copy.

  9. My hand is up so so high for this one And my fingers are crossed. I had ones just like this when I was little but I don't think they were as pretty. Game wise- at school we played a game we called 'elastics'- does anyone else remember that? YOu had to skip adn jump and hop over a stretched bit of eleastic! I loved it

  10. Oh. My. God. I NEED THOSE!! They are goooooooooooorgeous...!

    I have so many beloved toy memories from my childhood...! I had the entire set of cats to make Voltron for example, and in my 7 year old wisdom I took them to school as a fete raffle prize!!! (STILL kicking myself...)

    My best memory was probably waking up one xmas to an entire Barbie Garden Party set set up under the tree... oooh it was so pretty! All the tiny little tea cups, and pidgeons in a birdbath...!

  11. Oh Helen! They're so cute! Fave childhood memory - making barbie togs with my mum's fabric scraps :) This is how I learnt about adding seam allowances - Barbie was a little bit revealing that summer ;)

  12. They are lovely! I'm with Tanya. Elastics every day, before, during and after school.

  13. how pretty is that! ;) i dont think i had any vintage toys growing up n if i did have any it would have been thrown out by now. thanks for the giveaway!

  14. Hi Helen

    I couldn't find your email address to reply to your comment. Feel free to use my bag photo!

    Cam x

  15. Awww so cute Helen. My Gracie would love that.

  16. OH WOWEE!! They're REALLY sweet! I loved my shadow box with all its little ornaments. I still adore shadow boxes very much!

  17. Oh WOW this is so cool! Love love love old toys / games.
    My absolute fave old toy was my yellow space hopper (but I used to call it a happy hopper). I wish I knew what happened to it.

  18. They are fantastic - much more colourful than the stitching cards I had in the late 1950's/early 1960's.

    My favourite toy was 'Brick City' with small plastic bricks, doors and windows so you could build a house. Still have my two sets! Yes, my middle name is 'hoarder' - LOL

    Thanks and Cheers
    Aussie Gigi

  19. I love the good old kiwi buzzybee pullalong! :)

    That and lego, which never get's old!

  20. Oh, I just LOVE those, and, yes, remember them as well! I really need something like that to get my little graddaughter into sewing & crafts. I only had sons, so no luck there -- now might be my chance to teach someone like my Mom taught me.

    I also still have my doll from age 4 -- 60 years now, oh my gosh!! and still have the clothes Mom & I made together for her. All things crafty were always my favorites.

    Happy cutting with your KNK!!


  21. How cool would they be as a Christmas present for my dd!!! Thank-you for the opportunity to win these.

    My favourite toys were my skedoodle (I still have it and it still works!) and the old tin spinning tops (which were painted with the brightest lead based paints LOL!).