Sunday, 8 November 2009

A beachy Saturday evening at Somerton Park, SA - the best beaches are here..

I don't usually "do" the beach during the day, no matter how hot it is. In fact, the hotter it is, the less likely I will be there during the day as we all have delicate English skin that burns to a crisp despite rashies, boardies and gallons of suncream. Evenings however are another matter. 6 of the 10 kids decided they wanted to go to the beach and they took some initiative and were ready by 3pm. Yes, I endured three hours of asking "when are we leaving". We set off at about 6pm to our local beach, less than 10 minutes away, Somerton Park, South Australia.   It might have been mighty hot inland, but it was beautiful on the beach. (This shot was taken later)

There was lots of splashing and wading, with Pearl floating about like a little mermaid. I swear her legs lost the capacity to walk once they hit the water, she just wanted to be held floating and pulled through the water. Then they were ready to play on the beach.

This little feller of mine has been scared to enter the water on his own up until now.

He looks like a little beach comber in his surfboard shirt and straw hat. His favourite beach activity is throwing pebbles into the water.
Start collecting pebbles..

Until you have a handful..

Wade into the water (he used to stand out of reach of the waves)..

Throw them one by one to see a splash and hear a satisfying "plop".

Who is that under that big straw hat?

Here he is!

 Jeri's just chillin' in the shallows.

While Pearl and Beccy make sand pools and draw in the sand.

Ben and Jeri decide to build a sand castle that turned into a backrest while they built merman tails.

They enlisted Sarah's help

All finished

The sun starts setting so it's back in the water for a final dip and a pose or three.

Time to go.

Goodbye beach, time for icecream!


  1. Just gorgeous Helen. You almost make me forget that I am not that fond of the salty water and the sand!

  2. okay, I live in a very dry part of Victoria and I am officially jealous!!

  3. It looks like you all had a wonderful afternoon, I enjoy going to the beach again now that my kidlets have started liking it, but I could easily live without the sand lol!