Monday, 9 November 2009

When good crafters go bad..

I just had to share this site with you. I'm probably the last person to discover it, but if you haven't seen this and need a good laugh, are not going to be offended by bad taste, then this is for you..

Handmade Gone Wrong

Here's a cute example but I personally found the giving birth one hilarious!:

This other site I found a while ago. If you can't poke fun at yourself and have a laugh life would be harder than it already is. Not that I ever want any of MY creations ending up there (though it has helped the sales of some sellers).

Regretsy - Bad etsy, BAD!


  1. I've seen Regretsy before, but Handmade Gone Wrong was new to me, both are, without a doubt hilarious!! And all I could think was, yep I've made more than my share of things that were just wrong!

  2. My rule of thumb when crafting is, would I shudder and think what was I thinking, if I found this in an opshop 10-20 years from now. Because I see lots of old crafty stuff there now that I am sometimes relieved I never got involved in! And sometimes am embarrassed to think that I did :)