Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Flat out like a lizard and a flurry of evening activity.

Another day of 39Celsius with 3 more days of 39 forecast. I hate the heat. 
It has managed to cool a little at night so as evening falls, suddenly I manage to get a few things done. Like finishing  the setup between my new fantabulous Klic-n-Kut and my computer. I actually managed to get them to talk to each other. Over the last few days I have been familiarizing myself with the software it came with. I made a series of cute little robots. Just don't talk to me about vectors, it makes my head hurt, but I'm sure I will get there. I managed to get one robot cut out on a scrap. The actual cutout has more detail but the boys ran off with it. I guess that means it is a hit :) . I have so many plans to work out. There will be stencils, transfers, decals, and more to come. The best part is I can use my own original designs.

I managed to get 2 quick pairs of undies cut and sewn for DS with some more cut out ready to go. I don't know how many weeks I have put this off and felt guilty about not doing them. It will feel great to get them out of the way. I used an Ottobre pattern. I haven't finished the leg hem but might do it tomorrow. Or I might just leave them like that as DS doesn't like feeling the band around his leg. The next ones I might cut the rise shorter and put an exposed elastic band instead of a casing.
I didn't use the coverlock either, just overlocked and zigzagged. The next lot will be in contrasting/co-ordinating fabrics too.

 I sewed the button back onto DD's uniform that came off this evening. I think that earns me extra brownie points. (Yes, her uniform is the same plaid that Home and Away uses - the schools biggest claim to fame lol).

And while I had my sharps out, I thought I would show them off. The other day I came across the big ole shears in a tub where they had been hiding for a year or so. They were my MIL's and were given to me with her sewing paraphernalia. I put them beside my $3 cheapie stork scissors for fun.
And here are my fave sharp tools. A Clover quick unpick. Well used. Cheapie stork scissors and thread snips, couldn't live without them. Easy on the hands Fiskars fabric scissors and  small and large Olfa ergonomic rotary cutters, all sitting on my A0 sized self-healing cutting mat bought on ebay.
I cut just about everything out on the mat these days. 
Last of all, I made headway on the saucers I showed you the other day. I hit a stumbling block but I'll tell you all about that another day. If it all turns out as I hope, there will be a tute in it for you!


  1. I like those undies, must give them a buoyed by that fact you used zigzag, no excuses for me now ;)
    Brownie points for sure...I have a shirt waitng for one- Alex has worn it all week with a missing button! (Bad mother!!)

  2. I meant to say also, that gadget looks very cool, can't wait to see what you come up with. Is it vector drawing like Illustrator? Right up my alley....ahh it's all coming back to me now ;)

  3. Love the undies, I tried to make my DH a pair of boxers a while back, I never finished them because they were about 5 sizes to big!

  4. I just linked to a giveaway on my blog!