Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Op shop drive by...

I had to drive past one of my favourite little old church Oppies today and so of course on the way back, I stopped in to check it out.
I found, an old sheet which should blend nicely with some others I have, a vintage Richard scarry Christmas book, an assortment of pretty saucers for a secret project (I'll let you in on it soon), a big bag of buttons, a few old snot rags cute vintage hankies and a couple of doilies of course.
The only things priced were the sheets priced from $2.50 and the bag of buttons at $5.00. I thought that was a bit steep for this oppie but I wasn't worried. The total (including a Japan china doggie Pearl was holding plus 2 pocket mirrors in Michael and Pearl's hands)  was $8.00.
Don't you love Oppies that just take a stab and round things off nicely? "Is that ok?" he asks. "Um, yes thank you!" All up 16 objects for $8 , making it .50c each. That's why it is one of my faves. ;)


  1. I am seriously jealous of the button haul! :D

  2. Oh how fantastic!
    Richard Scarry is very BIG at our place,
    super finds, love that leaf plate :)

  3. Fantastic haul! Love the saucers!