Friday, 27 November 2009

LIttle poppits or an hour of my life..

I was thinking about hourly rates as I designed and made up this little dolly. Then thought about what value would you put on an hour of life if you could buy yourself more time? Anyway, lol. (the things you think about while crafting) here is an hour of my life personified ;P

Ooooh, what's that I spy in the top right corner?

This little Poppit is quite petite, perfect for popping in your pocket or handbag or your mouth if you like to chew things between your gums ;) everything is stitched securely. Can I make more Poppit friends before tomorrow's market?
Oh yes I can and indeed I did:


  1. I reckon that is an hour well spent! very cute!

  2. Those little poppets are so cute. If I were a baby I'd happily chew on an arm or a leg.