Monday, 30 January 2012

My pretties..

 I'm joining in with Flea Market Finds over at Her Library Adventures again this week.
Last weekend after being up early to take DH to work, I took a quick look at the garage sales on Gumtree and saw that the lady from 2 weeks ago was having another sale. Definitely worth a second look! So I called my partner in grime (it's rather dirty in her old garage) and my sister and i headed off there again. Followed by another stop at Cross Road Collectables and a couple of drive-by garage sales, one of which turned out to be a great White Elephant run by the local Irish dancing club!
First, the repeat garage sale pickings. all for $15.  A pretty lustre vase that is perfect with a bit of junk jewellery I picked up.

 The teacup and saucer aren't a pattern match but the same maker and similar colour and style. The tea strainer is sweet too.

 Love this cute little vintage handbag and the lovely old vase. It has some serious damage but can't be seen too much from the front.

 I love the leaf and berry frame on this tapestry and the colours are perfect for my walls.

 Maybe I should start cleaning things before taking pics?

 From the Irish Dancers garage sale in their hall I picked up some clothing items such as a suede jacket, red vintage jacket, wetsuit, shirt, blouse and a tee. All were only .50c each! As well as a few other items such as the turquoise oval pyrex dish. The little bisque praying girl and milk glass candle holder are from Cross Road Collectables and perfect for my little white display.
This tin was one my sis found for me at the first garage sale. The plastic leaf and rose bowl from the Irish Dancers and the buttons from Cross Road Collectables.

 This large still life has a lovely frame and subject matter, quite lovely in real life. Another lady politely mentioned she had wanted it too, admiring our good taste, so I graciously let her have it even though it was in my hot little hands, but she wasn't prepared to pay $5 for it so she graciously gave it back to me! lol!

My Sis spotted this acorn and oakleaf frame at Cross Road Collectables for me and it is the perfect foil for the little squirrel acorn vase I picked up a few weeks ago.
Last week I came across some youtube clips on using buttonholers and automatic zig-zaggers so I thrilled to pick these up at Cross road Collectables for $17 with the box of extra cams, and the old Home Journal comes complete with vintage patterns.

And of course how could I leave this little beauty behind one more time? I think that will have to be it for me and sewing machines for quite a while. I might be able to re-home a few less special models.
 And this gorgeous rose wall plaque from CRC. It needs a little tlc as a petal fell off but I can fix that in no time! The crock pot I was lucky to pick up for $1 as the kids broke a glass lid to mine last year.

I took pics of what my sister bought too. I keep telling her to write her own blog, lol, but here's her haul for the day: The tiger and mother of pearl box from CRC and the rest from the repeat garage sale.
The Pepper book, vintage greeting cards and cottage painted plate from CRC. Tins, saucer, frame and shelf from the garage sale.
And I do believe that is it! Thanks for looking.


  1. Helen, I can date the squirrel and acorn cup for you, as I have a set given to me as an engagement present in 1959.

  2. Love the sewing machine-I have one very similar that I picked up from a garage sale for 10 dollars. I have an op shop addiction too. I followed your link from a forum and you said you had some milk kefir grains to share. Just wondering if that is still the case and where are you located?

  3. Oh sorry, I don't have any going at the moment as I am milk free right now (until I get around to getting some raw milk shares maybe lol). I had a great strain from an ebayer at one stage, I'll see if I can find the link. ....

    ok, had a look and she doesn't have any for sale at the moment but I have her email and you could contact her that way. Her name is Glenda. I had tried some from another ebayer and the grains were terrible and took forever to multiply, I ended up tossing those. Glenda's took off and multiplied rapidly with a nice flavour. Hope this helps!

  4. Ria Runkee some 18 weeks ago pinned a photo of a Myer Deluxe sewing machine. I have a working model that I would like to get instruction for. Yes, instructions. They're gonna be like rice paper if a copy is still in existence. Were the Myer Deluxe designed by a US company and made in Japan?

  5. When and where was the Myer de luxe sewing machine in production?

  6. Wonder if you know when and where the Myer de Luxe was in production?