Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Collecting Things (part B)

Now where was I? (Joining in with Flea Market Finds here)
Ah yes, a collection of collections.. Pretty pink depression glass from the Op shop at a fraction of antique store prices. My sister and I like to pop into the antique stores now and then to congratulate ourselves on our good fortune. (Please don't ask me how I am going to deal with the dusting which is obviously already an issue).

And here are a couple of pretty green ceramic compotes with a rainbow glaze that found their way home again from my Sister's house. A long time ago, before I appreciated "old things" I gave these to my sister. I was given these by my MIL in a box of stuff. I can't remember where she got them from exactly, but the other day my sister asked if I would like them back now. And I said yes please. And the very next day we spotted their doppelgangers in an Unley Rd antique store. LOL (for a tidy little sum I might add).
Not everything I collect is of any great value (other than to me). Like the jar of wooden cotton reels and sewing notions and wicker sewing baskets. The red and white basket on the right recently followed me home from the dump shop. I think they are pretty baskets to hold my various sewing bits and pieces.
More pretty hankies (at least they don't take up much space and can be jammed into a corner :p )
A pretty rose cake tin from the dump shop in my favourite colours WOOT! I need to get rid of some of those dusty old home-schooling books from the top of the bookshelf so I can make a nice tin display. (maybe take down some cobwebs while I'm there lol and yes, this room has an 80s style pine board ceiling. My craft room used to be the old kitchen and if the ceiling was like the lounge ceiling I am not surprised they pulled it down. Or did it fall down?)
While tidying my craft room I came across lots of little bags of buttons collected here and there. I recently gave away 200 buttons and I think I went into reflex mode (or panic mode)and felt the need to replace them. It turns out I probably quadrupled them. By the time I sorted them all out I had to upgrade the jar sizes substantially!
More pretty teacups. You never know when you'll find the matching saucer. Like the little gold edged set on the right.I picked up the cup from the free table at the oppy one week. Then found the matching saucer in the same place the next! Love that oppy! I'm waiting impatiently for it reopen next week after their Christmas break.
And lastly (for this round of "stuff") something giggleworthy, my collection of ugly vintage ties. Hey, they make me smile!
In the next exciting instalment, (yes there's more..), my swoonable, new to me, vintage pink and green sewing machines from the dump shop. (yes I went back for the pink one ;) ).
Pretty vintage picture books and a stylish Pronto Moda vintage coat by Katrin and maybe more...
I HAVE actually been sewing so hopefully I can also get pics of the latest creations up sometime too.



  1. hahaha it's like a parallel universe - I think I even recognise one of the ties!

  2. Funny! But is it a collectable tie or personal use? I had one woman say it was like the inside of her husbands wardrobe :P

  3. I use ties quite alot in REinventions - they're a favourite and after 20yrs of 'collecting' I guess they fit both bills.

  4. I try and convince my sons to wear the ties but they mostly just give me the look lol. But they are rather keen on cuff-links. I actually only collect "ugly ties" that I like, not the REAL ugly ties lol. I just can't bring myself to own those 80/90s things yet. I don't think DH even has any of those.

  5. Even an ugly tie can make a gorgeous Rose Brooch.