Thursday, 19 January 2012

JaM with Jody - Comfort denim bag

Today I am joining in with Jody Pearl's JaM meme and this week is a challenge to produce a denim bag from old jeans, a men's tie and optional appliques. Jody used doilies herself so I dove into my suitcase of doilies, pulled some jeans from my bag of denim and plucked a tie of my vintage tie rack. All set!
Of course, being me, (cue music) "I did it ...MY.... way!" My jeans were a smaller girls size so I shortened the depth accordingly.

I didn't put a pocket inside, but found two of my cutest doilies for pockets on the outside. I used some drill to line them. I just traced around the doily then cut the shape with pinking shears. I lost my big post with explanation and in the spirit of this being a no brainer, I will just pop some pictures of the process and the final product.
Tracing the doilies
creasing the cutting line for pocket flap
pockets and flaps attached then stitched wrong sides together
then turned right sides together and stitched again to enclose the raw edges
nearly finished product ( front flap is just pinned)
rear shot
how I avoided stitching though 16 layers of denim and fabric at the top seam
front closeup
 Thanks for a fun challenge Jody. Thanks everyone else for looking!
Just thought I'd add that I used my vintage Singer 201k treadle  on this project and it went through the denim like butter. Until the 16 layers that is. I broke a needle, but up until that point I was still using a sz70 needle so it's to be expected. It would have happily gone through the 16 layers but just didn't really fit under the foot.
It makes a lovely straight stitch, providing I steer it straight of course!


  1. Gorgeous - it came together beautifully.

    Could be the perfect bag for bringing home more doilies and denim!

    Thanks Helen for joining in.

  2. I do often have a stray doily hanging around in my bag from an Oppy lol Next I must tackle the velvet bag but this time I better engage my brain and follow the pattern :) I can do that if I try ;)

  3. Very cute bag Helen and love that you used the singer.

  4. Really lovely bag Helen, esp with the sweet doiley pockets on the front!
    Very impressed that you used the old singer to make it! :)

  5. Bag looks terrific and your Singer treadle looks the same model as mine

    1. They are great aren't they? I have moved it into a better position now so I can open it up properly. I have a few more bags to sew in the near future and this is the best machine for the job I think.