Monday, 23 January 2012

Aladdin's Tardis

It's Flea Market Finds time! I'm joining in the fun over at Her Library adventures, late as per usual!

This week I have been quite restrained. Sort of. I have been busy donating to the local op shops more than buying. Some things shown here were from a while ago that my sister was holding onto for me or she had collected for me. Some others were from a magical place full of so many treasures you just cannot fathom until you have experienced it for yourself! If you live here in Adelaide or are holidaying, you absolutely MUST visit! More on that later.
First off, some linens, a retro daisy tablecloth and pale pink damask cloth from an oppy some time ago that accidentally went home with my sister. Along with a pretty bluebird doily that I splurged on from Felicia's antique shop on Goodwood Rd. Still it was no more expensive than at some wannabe antique store Op shops.
Next, a pretty pink depression glass my sister picked up for me from the free table outside our favourite Oppy. The plate was from the same Op shop and is unusual as there is a pastel overglaze and rose transfer on what was a plain plate with cold edging. It's hard to determine if it was done at the factory that way or later, either way, still vintage. The giveaway is the chip on the inner rim showing a fine gold line. Some places imported cheap plates  and then overglazed them with their own patterns. Maybe this is an example of this pratice?
I chose this book as it has a pretty spine font and graphic. I am trying to collect books with fancy spines for a display.
And finally onto my finds from this weekend. I just love this gorgeous vintage shell vase I found at a garage sale. You often see these around but I love the ocean curls on the base of this one and a particularly fine shell too. It has a perfect pale green inner glaze.

Two lonely little salt and pepper shakers missing their partners. I have a soft spot for bluebirds and the penguin is very Mary Poppins don't you think? I am picturing a little vignette with a Mary poppins book, an umbrella, a carpet bag and this little fellow on top. Stay tuned! I have a pretty old book copy, and am in the process of carpet bag making!
How cute is this little chipmunk with fluffy hair? Not quite Alvin from The Chipmunks, but maybe even cuter?
I already have a reproduction copy of this sock toy pattern but couldn't resist an original copy for just $1 (marked $4 but charged $1).
Lastly, a 105 year old children's picture book.
These last few things were found at Cross Rd Collectables. This place is like Aladdin's Cave and the Tardis rolled into one. I took just a few pics of the place that show just a drop in the ocean of the shelves and shelves of collectibles and room upon room of fleamarket priced fancies! Honestly, although they may not be as cheap as some Op shops, they are definitely cheaper than many!
This is the only shot from inside. Just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. So much fine china and figurines and vintage tins and books and music and, and, and...
You won't believe what is OUTSIDE though, under carports and verandahs, in sheds and just hanging around on shelves stacked high! This shot shows maybe half the shelves under the back verandah. Heaps of cheap retro and vintage china under here including retro Royal Doulton! Many pieces $1 or $2 or less!
This is the shelving running along the outside of the shed.
So many vintage sewing machines! Oh the temptation!!! they run both sides of this stand.
Here's a couple of heart skipping beauties. (tag reads $25) No guarantees on useability but hey are happy to plug it in for you to try before you buy. I'm really loving this blue one with as much chrome and dials as a '60s car dash!
Anyone planning a trip to Adelaide soon?


  1. I have 2 child-free days a week once school goes back. No way am I taking ankle biters into that shop but I am going for a wander when I can. Hubby would kill me if I brought home any more sewing machines but I'd sneak some crockery in, no sweat ;)
    (I have seen that place form the outside driving past but have never thought to stop)

  2. Oh Helen you are making me drool big time!! I'm sorry to say I haven't been to Adelaide since the late 90's I think. Very overdue for another trip in that direction. Not to mention all the great oppies we used to frequent in between here and there.

  3. Wow , how did I not know about this place ?! I am so going there tomorrow . I just seen on there Facebook page they have original carebears :):) my daughter would love one of those , and do would I .

  4. I wanna be in Adelaide!! *wahhhhhhh!*

    You've showed some immense restraint leaving behind that beautiful machine - I don't think I could have done the same!

  5. I've a week long REinventing Workshop planned for later in the year over your way [Blue Lakes] - I think I'd need another week just to enjoy the Op shopping!

  6. wow!
    I need to get to Adelaide!
    You need that blue machine Helen-what a beauty!

  7. I need to visit.... Pete's away again :(

  8. So you can't get away? Bummer..

  9. Sally and Zofia, the only problem is... well... I sorta bid on a couple of machines at auction. And won. $16 for both and one is a pretty blue too. I'm going to have to come up with some justification or at least a big space to display them. I'm sad to have what I have boxed up and not on view already.

    Jody, do you mean Mt Gambier? I'll have to check your dates to see if I will be in town that weekend. We are there the first weekend of every month to see our granddaughter.

    Tas, if you need anyone along to enable you just let me know :P

  10. Oh wow that is one amazing op-shop, so much stuff.
    What a treasure you've found in the old childrens picture book. x

  11. 'A perfect pickle' is a top find! And what a great title too. What a little treasure.