Monday, 2 January 2012

Collecting THINGS (A)

Happy New Year everyone! This year I have a resolution blog-wise. Nothing strenuous or grand. Just a simple minimum blog post a week. Sounds achievable don't you think? Surely a minimalist photo or two could fit the bill in a pinch.
And so, after a few weeks of festive season neglect, this week, I have a rather large catch up to do and I have realised that I seem to be collecting all sorts of things, even collecting collections themselves.
Before I start though, here's a pic of my creative space. With the emphasis on SPACE.

You might look and think, big deal, it's a mess. The floor needs sweeping already but believe me, this is positively and amazingly tidy compared to the before pics which I am NOT showing lol. You can see the floor, just for a start. The piles are neatly stacked and folded for another. As much as i like to go with the flow, too much chaos is counterproductive to creativity.

Now if you aren't keen on trawling through fifty bajillion photos of recently acquired "stuff" now would be a good time to move on. (This won't be minimalist) My oldest Sis and I have spent the last few weeks enabling each other as we have hit every half price and $1 op shop sale and explored the dusty and downright dirty reaches of the local dump shop. So many bargains, so little bandwidth. Here's a selection that made it to my collection.
How romantic is this? A mother snuggling her newborn while the concerned Father looks on. So hard to get a good pic. My Sis and I spotted this one, and she then popped back later and I found it in my Christmas parcel along with a lovely collection of vintage linens. I must show the gorgeous name tag from the gift bag which she made using scrabble tiles, a doily. button and fabric flower, too pretty not to display:
 And another print, this time from the dump shop. We happened to be there when a pile of pictures came in. I couldn't possible resist this, being full of cherubic innocence and nesting bluebirds entilted, "the home of the bluebird" no less.

I have a LOT of empty wall space so I have been collecting pictures to fill the gaps. including this Paris Notredame canal scene for $2 or so.
 Another Christmas gift was this collection of photos of my Mum and Dad from babies to the present. I am going to be knocking quite a few holes in the wall at this rate! (well, using stick on hooks more likely).

I'm not sure if I had shown this but I was pretty pleased with this original oil painting by a local artist in a nice frame for just a few bucks. My sort of olours. How's the serenity?
I think this post is about long enough. There are a LOT more photos to come but I might just spread them out a little. But before I finish this I thought I'd share a little crystal kit the kids were given for Christmas. We tried one of these once before and it was a great big fizzle. Nothing much grew at all. This time the crystals were growing within an hour and the overnight results were spectacular!
My faith is restored. It was fun seeing it grow. I think we might grow some more!

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  1. Walking into your creative space is like coming home, only I don't have wooden floors.
    Helen you're the perfect candidate for JaM on Mondays - hope you'll join in