Thursday, 12 January 2012

JaM - Step away from Your Sewing Machine

I'm joining Jody's JaM meme. This week, in her words:
I'm inviting you to step away from your sewing machine(s) and take a photo...
No thought, No styling,
- a candid look at your creative space & the means by which you create...
the smaller the space & the bigger the mess the better!
Tell us a bit about what your latest project is, was or is going to be
and about your machine.
My rather cramped space, left to right, Aldi overocker I picked up new and discounted to only $99. I leave it setup as a rolled hem. Currently with red for a rolled hem on some cotton Pokemon jammies I am halfway through. Next Pfaff 80s overlocker on it's last legs. No parts available. Set up for the green shark tee I made Jeri recently. To the right, my MIL's vintage Elna.
Behind is a vintage dresser mirror which I could say is to improve the lighting in my dark sewing cave but is more likely to hide the hole in the plaster under the old window which is blocked by a dodgy room extension ;)

My zig-zag treadle converted machine. To the right, my coverlock setup for the green tee.

The two new tees for Jeri. One striped, one in green Stella with blue velour sharks.
The Pokemon PJs made from an ebayed used cot sheet and curtain. I have made 1 top and need to finish these two shorts which would be easy enough if I would just do it. But I need to make a couple more tops too. I'll show them in all their glory when I've finished.
And finally, my possible next project. This bag pattern with vintage styling I recently purchased, perhaps in the velvet I found yesterday. How well does the tie match? It is a similar style and perhaps a great use for a sturdy men's tie. WDYT?


  1. I can tell from here you're very organised Helen and your 'cave' is proof you don't need a lot of space in order to create.

    Love the T-shirts [cover stitch envy] and that Tie is P.E.R.F.E.C.T with that fabric which in my humble opinion is perfect for the bag!

    Thanks for joining in. x

  2. A very productive space isn't it with all your sewing machines and overlockers. Love the T's and Pokemon PJ's. The fabric and Tie are definitely exactly right for the bag.
    Jackie x

  3. What a great space ..... I have posted mine. It looks too tidy to be normal, but that could have something to do with slightly obsessive nature. LOL

  4. hahaha Organised! See that's the trouble with blogs and bloggers, you can be oh so selective about where the camera points, and how you portray yourself. It can make others feel inadequate. And so I should really go take a pic of a messy spot. I'll even confess to moving a few things. Not much, but just enough to see the zigzag machine. So I sort of cheated. I should keep this area much tidier than I do. I'm trying to make it more decorative as it is the second room in the house that must be walked through to enter the living areas. Sadly it is more often like a tip and dumping ground.