Tuesday, 31 January 2012

MPAY It's easy being Green!

Vic over at Punky and Me has a green My Place and Yours Meme happening this week. That's easy for me! Green is my favourite colour. I love picking up pretty green things.
My camera didn't want to pick the green nicely so I tried to brighten it up a bit to be more true to life but it's a bit dodgy, sorry.

Yesterday i found these beautiful green damask table napkins at an oppy.

I have green on my overlocker and i even put on a green tee to wear today. Purely coincidental.
Most walls in the living areas of the house are painted pale green. I like the peacefulness of it. In a house ful of people, I need the serenity! In the front room green features heavily. I know, it looks like a Nannas house, right? That was the plan!
And while I'm sharing, yesterday I also picked up this little table cloth with a crochet edge, made from two souvenir tea towels stitched together. Made by some clever Nanna. Note even my vinyl sunroom floor is speckled green (the walls that are painted are cream) and my favourite vintage card table top is gorgeous textured speckled green too.
Green, green, green, green green.  It's cool, fresh, spring, vibrant and peaceful. Love it!


  1. I love those bookends - I have them in black, but they are lovely in green!

    1. I have them in green AND black. :)

  2. Well, for you, it IS easy being green! Look at all your goodies!

    Thanks for joining in H! :)