Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Collecting Things (Part C)

I think I will hit the end of the alphabet sometime this year!
I'm joining in with Sophie's Fleamarket Finds again this week. I'm link number 74 so there's a lot to see. And I love to look at every single link. Usually 4 or 5 at a time. It's almost as much fun as finding my own stuff.

I know I promised pics of my new (to me) sewing machines from the dump shop, so I guess it's time! First my new pink Nelco. Even the cord is a pretty dusky braided pink. I've managed to figure out all the knobs, buttons and dials thanks to Mr Google and a yahoo group called vintagejapanesesewingmachines.

And this lovely green Singer is amazing with its typewriter style top cam buttons. This is a model 320k.
I have lots more to say about both of these, having put them both through their paces but that will have to wait for another day.
Earlier this week I sis and I hit the Op shops. Tuesday i had to drive to the other side of town and we did an Epic Op shop crawl all the way home. About 7 or 8 I think. It is all one big blur now. I can hardly remember where I bought what lol. There is a LOT to share but I just want to get this over with. Last weeks finds are on a camera that my oldest daughter left in the cable for in Melbourne so they will have to wait.
I loved this vintage light as a feather silk ballerina scarf. But it had a great big hole and quite a few tiny holes. All scarves were marked at $2.99 but I was offered it for .99c so I couldn't resist.
I just tied it so the hole was hidden. It matched the tee I was wearing perfectly.
Hmm... mirror needs cleaning.
When I spied this child size vintage computer themed sleeping bag my inner geek could not possible leave it behind. Scary clown and dummy sucking computers and all. Spot the 51/4 inch floppy disks and pacmen. Im not sure how old it is, it's in excellent condition, but the computers are definitely 80s style.
Some quick pics of retro pyrex mugs and groovy linen...

                                                    ..a couple of cute .10c kids hankies including a hot cross bun rhyme..

The cutest little .50c baby bluebird doily..

A $4.50 large rectangle lace tablecloth. You may have noticed on the latest photos I have been using these a lot lately over Christmas. This one is a lovely ecru shade.
A few metres of lovely guipure lace with 3 different lace motifs that could be used separately.
And underneath a gorgeous long retro lush cotton velvet skirt that I have some re-purposing ideas for. Colours are a bit closer to the top picture but you can see the pattern here.

 Another retro tie in a gorgeous vibrant coral colour.
Cute lace trimmed Target jeans for Pearl, needing a little waist adjustment. Only .50c You can see the velvet again underneath.

The matching teacup for a saucer I already had (and luckily hadn't drilled for a cake stand).
This is a most gorgeous fine handworked floral piece in an intricate gold frame. Sure it has a few knocks to the frame, but that's just character right? Only $6. Be still my beating heart! I've seen similar with an extra 0 on the price.
Awesome vintage books.
A cute squirrel acorn vase which has a tiny chip on it's ear, but for $1 who cares?
This quirky vintage children's book has a funny Nestle ad on the back suggesting spreading condensed milk on bread for kids that won't drink their milk.
 And lastly, a few of the bags of buttons I picked up. My favourites are the bright yellow swirly GLASS buttons.

I can get onto other bloggy topics now I have got that out of the way. And my forum friends can stop nagging too lol
Of course there are some Freecycle finds that need sharing yet.. I can see a lot of blogging in my future.


  1. cool finds I love those buttons and that guipure lace is just awesome Think I need an op shop fix too!Must go today

  2. I have op shopping envy here.

    (And what are the chances if finding the matching saucer?)

  3. You found some fun items. Love the Nestle Milk book.

  4. You are a girl after my heart, I love to junk, and old things. Love reading your blog.