Friday, 13 January 2012

Pearl's celery snackerel and what you get when you mix a 4yo with scissors..

Here's a low carb treat that gives the old celery stick more bang for its buck.
Around here the usual topping for the humble celery stick is either cream or cottage cheese or peanut butter. Pearl's favourite is peanut butter but the other day we were all out. So instead she asks me to put on just butter instead. And salt. If she had asked me for this last year, I'm not sure I would have done it but my head is in a different place now and I thought, Okaaaay...
Pearl (4yo) said it was yummy, so I tried it for myself. It was yummy. How about that?

I dare you to give it a go.
Butter, salt, crunch, what's not to like? It's a bit like healthy popcorn.
Just ask Pearl..
Who just gave herself a haircut.
You can see how long it WAS. Thank goodness she only chopped it to her shoulders! What a miracle. Then my 18yo disappeared into the bathroom with her and the scissors and Pearl came out with these layers.
(Pearl is wearing my self-drafted pokemon PJ top, matching shorts still pending, same with the paint on the walls.

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