Monday, 30 January 2012

Denim upcycled pencil case.

Having left things to the last minute as per usual, last night, the night before my daughter started High School, I finally made her this pencil case. I had to wait for her to get home from school before taking pics so it is fully loaded!  The main structure is from the legs of an old pair of jeans, chopped off, split open and one seam removed. I also cut a piece of the cute  bunny and strawberry fabric for one side over a denim interior.

The outside pocket came from another pair of my daughters cargo capris. Who would bother going to the trouble of making one from scratch when all the hard work is done for you? I chose an old metal tooth zip from my zip basket so it would be nice and sturdy. And of course the whole thing is machine washable.

I stitched up along the old jean seam to make a divided case with two pockets, one for pens and pacers etc, the other for colour pencils and such. The outside pocket is for the math kit and calculator. I didn't sew all the way up the dividing line and that then left enough space by the zip to fit in a ruler if desired. Without the ruler, it can fold over along the dividing line. (Rough as guts along the inside with the unfinished denim, but I was under time constraints and the humidity was killing me! I didn't want to turn on the air conditioning while I did it.)

Again I used my old Singer 201k treadle and again i was very impressed with the ease of sewing over multiple layers of denim. It never missed a beat, whether it was 4 layers or 8 at the seams. I'm definitely keeping this machine out for my bag making.

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