Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My amazing Garage Sale and Op Shopping adventures.

This is going to be very pic heavy, even with the combined shots. Sorry about the grammar. It is late and I am bleary eyed, but I have to get these up as it seems all this awesome stuff just keeps coming my way faster than I can post it! I'm linking up with Flea Market Finds again this week. There is a 100 contributor goal this week so if you have something to share, just follow the link.

Last Saturday I was up early and on a whim, I took a look at the Garage Sales on Gumtree. There were a couple close by that sounded interesting. The first I couldn't find so went past the second which I had less expectations for. One peek down the driveway convinced me otherwise. There was no sign on the main road pointing to it and the only advertising was on Gumtree. And I was there all alone for AGES having a lovely chat and picking through a veritable treasure trove. The very first thing I picked up was the iron and glass horse shadow lamp. When I was told a $2 price I knew this was going to be good so was more enthusiastic in my selection. I spent my $20 but really wanted to get the knee control Singer in a nice wood case ($10) so I said I would be back.
The minute I got back I rang my sister and said she HAD to come down quickly and come back with me as I had barely touched the surface. I had some brekky, sorted the kids who were up by then and went to leave and go to get some more cash, when my sister turned up and wouldn't let me get more money first. So back we went. There had been a few other people by then but not many at all. My sister and I had another lovely chat with the lady. By the time we had finished our selection we were good buddies lol. She said we could name our own price but we didnt want to do that so she then said $10!!!!!! My Sis counted what she had later and there were around 30 things in her bag alone, let alone mine. We both thought that was absolutely ridiculous and my Sister gave her $20 + $10 for the sewing machine. Still ridiculous, but it was all we had on us.
So anyway, most of this came from her shed, and isn't in perfect condition but it has that sweet salvage charm. and if that wasn't enough, we passed a heap of signs out on the main road  so stopped at a few more along the way. Enjoy the pics!
Some vintage books with pretty covers, the 3D horse shadow lamp, a set of 4 different vintage wall plates and a Florida flamingo plate with a 3D bathing beauty. All but the books were from the first sale. The books were from the local scout hall, 20c each.
2 wooden plate stands (doh, should have used them ) a set of flying birds for my wall in the perfect colours, a pretty vintage Japanese plate, thick scalloped edge mirror, all from the 1st sale, and a doily from the scout hall.
Pretty pink glass and a small Thelwell pin dish made by and English company, selling for near $40 online from the first sale, and a set of Cape Cod Avon collectibles from another Gsale. Not what I'd normally go for but they can do well online and I only paid 2 bucks. They are pretty when the light shines through them.
An old sewing machine table drawer, no side decal on this one, but I have two others with all or most of it. They will be nice to store my sewing bits and pieces on my shelves. 2 have already been put to work. There is a nice horizontal oval celluloid hand mirror and an interesting brown glass poison jar with bakelite lid.  Love all the "kisses" lol. These are from the first sale too. And you can see a small cheese cloche to the right I can use for mini dioramas.
 Two already in use, the contents of which used to be in rather un-glamourus shoeboxes.
Two pretty vintage Hoadleys chocolate boxes from the 1st sale.
Vintage Japanese decorated pitcher in the back left. Has a sall chip on the inside rim andno lid but pretty nonetheless. Large Royal Doulton English Cottages vase which would be worth an absolute bomb if it didn't have a big repair on the lip on one side - I can live with that.. and a Japanese sugar bowl. All from the 1st sale. The bird vases are from another Gsale.
A pair of ceramic rose salt and pepper shakers. surprisingly no obvious damage. 1st sale.
Some vintage tins from the first sale. First on the left, a set of 4 rose tins. Unfortunately 2 of them have lost their transfers but no point leaving them there when there is a set. The other two's tops are a little corroded so lost some of the paint, but the sides are good and they look pretty on the shelf. Lucky the damage wasn't worse being in a damp and dirty shed.
These milk glass pieces were all from the scout hall for 20c each. some will need a good soak by the looks.
A nice heavy English tin rose tray from the scout hall and another Avon collectable powder container from a Gsale. So pretty! the perfect colour for my bathroom or bedroom.
One of the most exciting finds was this collection of old fancy plastered picture frames. Most from the 1st sale, a couple from a later gsale. I have been trying to figure out the best use for them, Some will need repairs if I don't want to keep the lovely salvage effect lol but none are very bad, just a few little bits. I did find an easy way to repair them myself though, here. be sure to send me any good frame ideas if you have them. I have put some ideas on my pinterest already.
This one is my favourite so far:

Here's a pretty little quote, from the 1st sale maybe? And as if all that wasn't enough, while dropping off a pile of donations at my favourite oppy this morning, I figured I had earnt a little look around. I was still totally unprepared for yet another treasure trove today.
Two amazing vintage 3D wall plaques, $2 each! and some lovely embroidered doilies and a few crocheted ones. There was a HUGE stack of crocheted doilies. What you see above, plus the linen and cushion that follow all cost me ONLY .50c!!! Total..
Can you see all my favourite colours happening? :D Vintage made in Japan towel and vintage hand towel. I have been looking for this kind of thing and not having much luck so I was pretty pleased. And a lovely aqua pyrex baking dish for $3.
I tell you I could not grab this vintage barkcloth horse cushion fast enough! I just saw a corner of barkcloth and eeek GRAB! The picture is even more amazing irl.
 This and the next pic show the plates and dishes I picked from the $1 shelf. All English vintage. I had a hard time choosing, there were so many gorgeous ones to choose from.

And lastly, a little cup of rubber stamps. Marked $1, she didn't bother counting them in.
If you think I cleaned the place out, you are VERY wrong! There's plenty more awesomeness where that came from! No matter when I go, there is always something wonderful and as often as not, from the free table too.


  1. Jaw. Dropped.
    Right I'm off garage sale hunting this weekend.

  2. It's a great time of year for it. Good luck!