Tuesday, 13 December 2011

RevoluzZza foxy love

This is one pattern from Revoluzzza that I just had to have as soon as I saw it. (there is an english version available). So very, very cute. I have had so many requests to make these from friends and family. My first I made in a hurry for a late swap. Made using an Op-shopped blanket, buttons and lace and beautiful Euro Fanalisto velvet fabric from Crafty Mamas.

I wanted to keep her for myself.

Unfortunately she has a few imperfections. Sewing little arms and things with thick wovens is a nightmare so her thumbs were never turned out. And I forgot to sew in the legs so had to do it out of order and out of kilter. And her left leg wants to turn backwards. And her ear felt is the wrong way round and, and, and, sigh. but I still think she is cute enough to be forgiven her faults.

Of course a second fox was soon to follow. This time I used some vintage cottons I picked up here and there.

Most of the previous faults were addressed. Still cute as a button, but my heart belongs to the first foxy lady, so despite the challenges of the heavy wool, I'll be making another nearly identical with my lovely fanalisto
velvet again. And perhaps a clever Mr Fox to join her? And the dozen gift requests.
Santa's elf is going to be kept very, very busy.


  1. I love my Fox Helen and didn't notice any faults at all she's sitting on my bed ^^

  2. Helen, you know, you *must* make me one! :D
    Next year of course, when things are less hectic.
    I think you did nail it with the wool.
    Will look out for orange in my oppies. ;)

  3. Now I have one on my "to do" list apparently as Mae is looking over my shoulder...

  4. So, so, so cute! My heart belongs to the first foxy lady too, wonk & all. xx

  5. she's just gorgeous!! even if she is thumbless. do foxs really need thumbs anyway?

    rachel ox