Thursday, 8 December 2011

Deck the Halls...

...but no boughs of holly.
Just to tie in with Vic's Meme, My Place and Yours; The Christmas Party! at Punky and me, here are some of my favourite Christmas decorations and things around my house.
First, the Christmas tree. Along with some school made decos, knitted cuties I bought at a fete and a heavenly host of angels near the top. To the right are the stockings we made and "decorated" twenty years ago and have added to each year a child is born. They are rather homely and the purist in me used to wince inside although I know the kids had fun with their fabric paints and glue and sequins etc. Now I am older I appreciate their homeliness much more.

My vintage church Nativity takes pride of place. I adore this and was so glad I was lucky enough to have DH buy them at auction for me. I had already dropped out of the auction as I sadly thought it had reached our predetermined limit. But DH, bless him, had seen my absolute excitement when I had discovered then in an old supermarket carton under newspapers and carried on with the bidding. (Lol! it seems an angel fell from Heaven amongst them. (thanks kids). That day we also won some lovely old church pews that now grace our verandah and the coat rack that our stockings are hanging from.

Lastly are my recent acquisitions from the last few years. Some very cute Villeroy and Boch figurines. I know, I know here in Australia it's not about the snow, and yet, you know we all grew up with it. singing the songs of snow and seeing the movies pictures and cards of celebrations on the other half of the world so as much as I vocally denounce snow and singing snowy Christmas songs in Australia, it's a part of my whole Christmas psyche and it is a celebration that encompasses the whole world.

I DO love angels and these with the little children are particularly sweet.


  1. It would have been criminal to let that Nativity go. Absolutely precious. Love your handmade Christmas stockings too, very special.

  2. Even being my non-religious heathen self ;), I love that vintage nativity set - gorgeous.

    And I so hear you on the snow thing - embrace it, I say, it's all part of Christmas. We in Oz love Santa but have never seen him, so I think we can do the same with snow!

    Thanks for playing along & Merry Christmas!