Thursday, 8 December 2011

How does my garden grow? December update..

Or, "Honey I think we planted too many zukes!" Now I know where the term "Gadzukes" came from.
3-4 meals a week no worries from zucchinis at the moment but it looks like we are about to be inundated! Better step up the consumption! That globe zucchini doubled overnight and is nearly the size of a cannonball!
Apparently I am not alone. A quick google of "gadzukes" found a hilarious and inspiring blog with a post entitled "Gadzukes! 10 ways to use up your zucchini bounty".
I only wish the tomatoes and cucumber production would match. I hope I don't regret that wish as the very first tomatoes on the deck are reddening on the vine.

We have eaten a few cucumbers thus far and they are sweet crisp and juicy. Just not enough of them. Especially when you put one on the counter with dire threats to every child that asks, to leave it alone, only to have the 4yo wander past a few minutes later going crunch, crunch, crunch!
Here's the big garden bed. It sure has grown. Comparison pics from late October HERE. This is the bed you can see in the corner behind the big hole (which is still there BTW).
 The choko has taken hold.
There are baby squash in pots on the deck and amongst the zukes in the photo above.
But the lettuce was decimated by a ninja chicken attack but we get the benefit, one way or another... mwahahaha.
What's for dinner tonight? Steamed zucchini spaghetti and bolognaise sauce. Yum.

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  1. Wow what a bounty I'm afraid a couple of ninja chooks got to mine too although I do have a healthy crop of rainbow chard