Friday, 21 October 2011

How does my garden grow?

OK this just looks like a gigantic hole in the ground, but it is really part 2 of the veggie garden. We are creating huge reservoirs which have ag pipe running through sand for irrigation.  Although many people actually line their soaker pits with plastic we decided against it. Last year we had a big backyard flood that and because of the heavy cay soil, it just wouldnt' soak away. We had to dig a trench to the drain to be abe to drain the back yard. So we made a decision that the plasticy clay would suffice and be more natural.
The bricks start at ground level and soil is then added along with manure and compost and straw and all sorts. It's a lot of work. The first bed was started over a year ago and is finally planted. This bed has only taken a couple of weeks thanks to my eldest DS.
The Besser blocks were a lucky freecycle pickup. In the foreground is bird netting which runs around the veggie zone to keep the chooks out.
Speaking of chooks, they seem to have FINALLY figured out how to use the fancy chicken feeder with the standing platform that raises and lowers the lid to their food. It's been nearly a year! The wire dangling nearby has been holding it partially up for months and months.

I am SO excited that the poor neglected fruit trees that have survived a few stinking hot summers without much growth have been madly sprouting and blossoming and fruiting. It is wonderful to finally see everything coming to fruition. Literally.
The pear tree is loaded with teenie pears:

The peacherine tree has tiny peacherines:
My apricot FINALLY has more than half a dozen apricots on it:
And maybe the 3rd lemon tree we have planted is not only surviving, but thriving and has teensy little lemons"
 Apple bossoms:
Choko vine:
 Fig tree in it's chicken cage. I think it has doubled in size since I took this pic a couple of days ago:
My veggie seedlings I grew from seed (that's a pretty satisfying feeling) waiting for a new bed:

And pots of herbs and veg on the deck. Actually most of them belong to my eldest DS who is MOVING OUT (again) next week!

I actually did this post last night but when I went to post, the internet curfew had set in. Yes, we have an internet curfew. It starts at 10.30pm on week nights. We figured none of the teen kids need to be up surfing and facebooking on a school night and although most nights I like to go to bed at 9.30 to function well the next day, sometimes I need the not so subtle reminder to GO TO BED ! lol No curfew on a Friday night! ;)


  1. really cool I have teensy lemons too and limes! my chickens dont know how to use a feeder at all i just throw it all on the ground now they like to scratch My vege patch is really basic compared to yours Well done!

  2. Gosh I think I need an internet curfew:)
    Gorgeous trees. Choko on the bbq is a favourite at our place. Chargrilled with olive oil and pepper. Perfect.

  3. I thought the hole in the backyard might be because the kids were annoying you.
    Can't wait to see all the yumminess that will grow there.

  4. It looks like you are ready to transplant your little veggies on your garden. It would be fun to see how they become. keep it up.