Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Buttons? Optober strikes again!

Yay for little old church Oppies! I went to another I hadn't visited for a long time. My DD and I had a great time finding  all sorts. Poor DD was feeling a bit like one of the stepsisters from Cinderella as there were some gorgeous vintage shoes she was drooling over that were all a size or 2 too small. "Now I know why they sliced their shoes and toes off to fit the glass slipper" she said. But she did find some very comfy  jeans (now cut off into shorts for the warm weather) and suede laceups in a lovely colour that she was thrilled with.

I started my little collection with 2.5m aged guipere lace and some zips for 20c each. Then I spotted a shoebox containing BUTTONS and not your average small buttons but lots of big fat ones! they are not the brightest of colours but still very nice.

I started selecting some but then thought I would go and ask how much they were. Then got cheeky and asked how much for the lot. She said "$4?" then she saw the look on my face. I think I would be a terrible poker player! But she mistook my surprise and asked " Is that too much?" So I quicky assured her it wasn't and kept the box tucked under my arm.

I found 2 cute saucers, doilies of course, an interesting Kwik Sew underwear pattern and this old pet rock mag LOL. Whose child was it that was busily painting rocks?
I found some interesting craft books including a vintage sewing machine manual plus a vintage purse with an extra large clear licence holder from the times when licences were paper and didn't have photos! I had almost forgotten that until I saw it.

I found a comfy pair of shoes (not an easy thing for me to find) and a 2.5m length of beautiful silky smooth and soft chintz-like vintage Sanderson Linen in an upholstery weight.

Hmm. What else? Oh, a vintage geometric dangly triangle  necklace that DD has swiped! Apparently it is very "in" right now.

Ummm, 2 vintage pillow cases in pristine condition and half a large damask table cloth (hemmed on the cut, long and narrow, already hacked, so guilt free crafting fabric).
Oh and DD also got an unusual vintage shoulder bag in tan p/leather. Hmmm, now I think that's it?

Going by all the price tags (which were already bargain prices), it looked like between us we would be short around $10 and I would need to pop out to an ATM for cash, but thought we'd get a tally first. So the lady starts going through and says, "Oh, you can have this, oh, that's too much for that, oh, let's just bunch this stuff together." and got to a tally of $23. And we had $21 between us. And she happily accepted what we had for our big haul. I think we just about skipped out of the store we were so happy! Don't you just love Oppies like that? :)

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  1. Well done - living in the Op Shop capital of the country definately pays off - maybe I'll organise the next REinventing REtreat in SA :)

    Thanks for joining the Swap - we'll all want you for a partner!