Wednesday, 12 October 2011

MORE Optober treasures!

Today I managed to visit 3 Opshops and first I went past an op-shop I haven't been to in a year or two. I hadn't been that way in a while, even though it isn't very far. It was VERY worth while. I only had $8.70 in my pocket and wasn't sure how fat that would go. But I walked out with most of it in my pocket still and wait until you see what I got for only $3.50. There were a couple of more expensive things I will go back for when I am cashed up. Definitely a deserving charity.
This place is called Second Chances Op Shop 3/397 Diagonal Road, Sturt SA 5047.
This is a charity set up to support the under-priveleged innocent victims of crime, specifically the children of prison inmates.
The bargains started on the shelves you can see to the right of the photo above. The contents were all marked "FREE". I chose a nice vintage dish, a castinet, a nice piece of embroidered lace and a little bird saucer.

Inside I found a shelf of unpriced doilies. I started collecting a few then thought I had better inquire the price as with a going rate of around $2 each it wouldn't takelong to burn my cash. With the answer being ".50c a handful",  there were happily no restrictions and a few more were added. 5 embroidered and 12 crochet style plus 2 vintage hankies. I was informed by the hepful staff that some people use them for crafting.Oh really? lol

Moving right along... and there were buttons. Bags of buttons for $1.

So what can I do? I pick up 2 of them. right next to them was a plastic tub of Fuzzy Felt characters for $1.50. I was a big FF fan as a child. I spent many hours playing quietly with them in church on a Sunday. There were lots of cute characters amongst them.
Plenty of nice coloured buttons too.

 I like using my record bowl for sorting through buttons as it is then easy to funnel them into a jar via one of the fluted edges.
Lastly I picked up a couple of books. The picture book to be used for tags and decoupage and such. All for $3.50!

So then I'm feeling lucky and pop past an RSPCA store where I picked up just one book. this book actually deserves a post all of it's own. Don't judge a book by it's cover! $2 and worth every penny!
Lastly I stopped by a church oppy that didn't have a huge selection but I found a couple of doilies and a pretty vintage lemon yellow embroidered tablecloth. $2.70 all up. Sweet!
At that point I was penniless so headed for home. Cheap therapy...


  1. Score Helen!! Ack, I need to have a good trawl through the oppys here soon, it's been too long!

  2. Thanks Sally, I admit I go through phases and end up at the same few stores with nothing much then I remember all the good ones and have a bit of fun. Sometimes if you go too often there's just too much of the same old stuff.