Sunday, 9 October 2011

Z is for Zumbo and Zombies (zombie Barbie anyone?)

When I saw this book at BigW the other day I was immediately attracted to the cover but after a quick flick through I found the contents equally amazing. And I don't just mean the recipes. The photography, creativity and quirkiness are delightful. I don't even eat cake or sugar but I'd love to have this book to peruse for it's eye candy.
Here are some pics I took with my terrible phone camera, competely at random. This will give you a tiny taste of what to expect.

 And now something else that caught my eye while passing through the toy department.
Zombies for girls.
Yes, as if Bratz weren't scary enough. But actually, I think Bratz are scarier than these latest offerings. I thought zombies were brain eating corpses, but apparently when you are marketing to young pre-tweens and tweenies, they are fashion loving trendsetters complete with pets and accessories.
But compared to the trashy flashy alternative of PRINCESS SCHOOL...
Perhaps they aren't so bad? but be prepared for zombie nightmares..

Even My Little Pony, that bastion of rainbows and butterflys has an episode mentioning zombies. So it turned out to be a cultural misunderstanding between ponies and a zebra, but the zombie infection is spreading! Expect more of the same and maybe even...



  1. Helen, the book is gorgeous isn't it? I'm tempted to make some macarons at some point. I'll need an event though because I can't have those sitting around the house.

  2. Better write that letter to Santa then...

    I don't think I'll take Mae to the toy section at the shops anytime soon... :P