Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Quick and dirty Upcycled Keyka-Lou Curvy Clutch!

2nd post of the day (playing catchup again ;) ). I never lack in topics, I just run out of time or out of steam sometimes!
So yes, I have actually managed to sew a couple of things and yet let the first Curvy Clutch wristlet leave the house before taking pics, DOH! I have made this pattern quite a few times now and yet don't own one myself yet. It seems it is my Go To pattern for gifts. So I wandered into my sewing room this afternoon with the intention of duplicating it (for the 2nd 12th birthday party gift in a week) when I spotted the legs of the jeans which DD17 cut off her opshop jeans/now shorts this morning.

So off I went, slice, dice and stitch into the denim and star print drill. I used the side welt seam for the strap and decided to forego the metal buckle loop thingy and stitched it straight into the side.

I did put a magnetic clasp on the front and in hindsight it would have been more authentically upcycled if I had used a button and welt loop closure and even recycled lining, but never mind, I have another leg waiting! I used the hem as the top of the inner pocket and decided to put the stars facing outward on the flap to brighten it up.
I forgot to put the pocket in before I stitched the lining pieces together so it isnt' quite centered/straight.

.... I had a bit of bother...

Next time I will at least put some interfacing in the flap. I figured with the denim and drill it was a bit of overkill but it would have held the flap a bit steadier going round the curves being stretch denim.

But like I said, quick and dirty and I didn't even break a needle in the denim!

It got the thumbs up from 12yo DD for her friends gift. We will put a few other bits and bobs inside. and it might end up with some kind of denim removable brooch trim on the flap.. we'll see. TFL!

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