Sunday, 23 October 2011

MPAY Pincushions

Just thought that today I would play along with Vic's little meme. My Place and Yours. This week the theme is pincushions. I have a few I use which include the popular little men around the blue globe and classic tomato but I thought I would share a couple of interest.
This saucer one is made from my tute you can find on this blog.

This kitschy shell pincushion actually came to me inside a little old vintage treadle machine cupboard. It certainly makes me smile and the eyes are googly! I'd like to say I'd never buy anything like this but last week I did buy a different kitschy shell. I swear I'm not really into shell craft though!

Tell the truth, would you buy this if you found it in an Op shop somewhere?


  1. They are both absolutely gorgeous!! I'm not fussed with shellcraft either but that is an exception.

  2. Great - now I need a drill!

    Your plate pin cushions are officially my 2nd favourite pin cushions - they're nearly as practical as the magnetic ones, only sooooo much prettier!

    Thankyou for sharing the Tutorial on how to make one!

  3. Thankyou Jackie, :)

    Aww shucks. Don't forget to post a pic if you make one Jody, I'm glad you like it.

  4. You know, I wouldn't have thought that I WOULD buy something (anything) made from a shell... but you're right, it's pretty ace in it's kitchy goodness!

    Thanks for playing H (Still can't get used to that lol)!

  5. You can call me Helen still. I really have NO idea how I came to be the mysterious "H"
    Stoopid google..

  6. The plate cushion looks good enough to eat! And I think I would be very tempted by the shell one if I were to find it in an op shop.

  7. Thanks Madeline, nice to know I'm not alone. It did make me laugh when I found it amongst the bits and pieces in the sewing drawer.

  8. Yes I would buy him in an Op Shop. In fact I brough five of them at an action recently (along with some other stuff).